Detoxification has developed its own special definition within the field of natural health, which is ridding the body of accumulated, harmful substances (toxins) that tend to diminish one's health and vitality and burden the body's organs.  Due to the current overwhelming presence of toxins in our food, air, water and household products, now more than ever it is essential to cleanse the body on a regular basis.  Toxins are eliminated through the colon, liver, kidneys, lymph, lungs and skin.

Detoxing is a necessary part of achieving optimum health and wellness. The detoxification process removes harmful and toxic substances from your body, leading it to better health and preparing it for a new healthy lifestyle. If you experience any of the following signs, it is likely time for a detox.

Signs you need to DETOX:

  • FATIGUE & LETHARGY - if you regularly lack energy and vitality, your body definitely needs a detox...a reboot is in order. The best idea is to start consuming good nutrition, but first you'll want to cleanse all of the old stuff out of your digestive systems, liver and doesn't make sense to put roses on top of a garbage can, RIGHT?! Services that we offer to help in this area include Massage Therapy, Colon Therapy , Far Infrared Sauna, and Detoxing and Re-Mineralizing Foot baths.

  • DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS - Digestive disturbances, such as indigestion, bloating, constipation, etc., are definite signs that a detox is in order! Colon Hydrotherapy along with Implants and Supplements, such as probiotics, are a very effective way to help with all sorts of digestive problems. Health Coaching sessions can also help you create a healthy environment to support your digestive health and your overall wellness.

  • BODY ODOR & BAD BREATH - Toxins build up in the body and tend to create an unsavory internal environment, which can lead to external body odors. As our clients implement detoxing into their health regimen, most of them notice a significant decrease with this problem. Colon Therapy, Far Infrared Sauna, and Implants, such as chlorophyll, are services offered at our facility that can help rid the body of unpleasant odors.

  • CRAVINGS - Cravings can be a sign of flora imbalance, parasites, and overgrowth of candida albicans in the digestive system. Colon Therapy sessions along with some nutritional counseling can help curb cravings.

  • DEPRESSION/MOODINESS - Certain foods and chronic stress can affect the body and make you feel depressed. Depression is also a sign of toxic build up in the bowels, liver, and brain. Cleanse the large intestines and/or prep for a liver cleanse with a series of Colon Therapy sessions, de-stress with regular Massage Therapy and by using the Luxbelle Spa Sauna. We also carry a variety of effective therapeutic Essential Oils that help stabilize your mood including lavender, Peace & Calming and Gathering.

  • POOR IMMUNE SYSTEM - Over 70% of the immune system is in the gut. So it just makes sense to make sure your digestive system is working properly. Keeping the lymphatic system flowing properly is essential to having a highly functioning immune system. If you find yourself getting sick to often, a detox is in order. Several of our services can help boost the immune system.


Benefits of DETOXING:

Detoxing can leave one feeling like a new person:  The benefits of using our services are endless but here are a few that we have observed our clients experiencing the most:

  • increases energy and focus

  • improves immune function

  • prevents chronic disease

  • helps with weight loss

  • mental & emotional clarity

  • improves quality of life - feel more vibrant

  • better nutrient absorption

  • improves the look of skin

  • eliminates body odor and bad breath

  • slows aging

Why choose Natural High?

Who we are: 

Natural High is the only detox spa in Kansas City.  In business for over 17years, our goal is to love you to health with our healing services and outstanding staff.  At our luxurious wellness center & spa, you’ll be able to escape from the everyday into a world of total relaxation, cleansing, and rejuvenation…because YOU DESERVE IT!  Our extraordinary staff sets the highest standards in all their services, devoting their time to ensure each guest receives five star treatment without the five star price.


 What we do: 

Our products & services are all about “THE DETOX.”  They say “you are what you eat”…but we say “you are also what you don't eliminate!!”  We offer a variety of services to cleanse and heal your body, from massage and colon therapy to detoxing foot baths and body wraps.


Why we’re different: 

We are like no other spa in the area!!  We are the only comprehensive, detox-focused wellness center and spa in the Kansas City area.  We strive to ALWAYS be #1 in the area of customer service, and serve our clients like no one else in our industry.  Throughout the past 17 years we have continually evolved to meet the needs of the growing health and wellness community by adding new services and products on a regular basis.